Latin American Malvaceae - Malvoideae

Neotropical Flowering Plants

A Revision of Gossypium Sect Grandicalyx (Malvaceae), Including the Description of 6 New Species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1992
Authors:P. A. Fryxell, Craven, L. A., Stewart, J. M.
Journal:Systematic Botany
Type of Article:Journal Article

Gossypium sect. Grandicalyx occurs in tropical Australia, with all of the 11 species being found in the Kimberley region of northwestern Australia except G. cunninghamii, which is found on the Cobourg Peninsula. Six new species, G. enthyle, G. exiguum, G. londonderriense, G. marchantii, G. nobile, and G. rotundifolium are described and illustrated. Chromosome counts, all 2n = 26, are presented for seven species. The Kimberley region is characterized by a monsoon rainfall pattern and regular fires. The adaptation of these plants to this regime is discussed.

URL:<Go to ISI>://A1992HB45800010
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