Latin American Malvaceae - Malvoideae

Neotropical Flowering Plants

A New Species of Pavonia (Malvaceae) from Southern Brazil

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:M. Grings, Krapovickas, A., Boldrini, I. I.
Journal:Systematic Botany
Type of Article:Journal Article
Keywords:endemic, new species, pampa biome, Pavonia, rio grande do sul, sect. lebretonia, Taxonomy

Pavonia secreta (Malvaceae) is a new species from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This new species belongs to subgenus Pavonia and is related to P xanthogloea. Pavonia secreta can be distinguished by the absence of a tuft of long and simple trichomes at the apex of the petiole and on the abaxial side of the leaf, and by paler foliage; it presents dark pink flowers, with larger petals and stem tube; has larger mericarps, which are tuberculate-rugose with 2-3 tubercules on each side. Pavonia secreta is an endemic species restricted to Pedra do Segredo, Morro do Leao and a neighbouring hill, localities that belong to Cacapava do Sul municipality, in southern Brazil. We present a morphological description, illustrations, and ecological data, as well as a key including a morphologically similar species.

URL:<Go to ISI>://000291847200015
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